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Another Obstacle for Sampy

Wideout Bill Sampy, who has been around the Eagles since 2006, might see his training camp status again jeopardized by injury.

The next time the Eagles ask Bill Sampy to participate in a practice for rookies and "select" veterans, he might be wise to tell them to "select" someone else.

Last July at Lehigh, after looking really good in minicamps, Sampy suffered a quad injury during such a practice, before the bulk of the veterans arrived. The injury dogged him through the preseason and Sampy ended up on the practice squad, for the second year in a row.

Today, Sampy and a few other "fringe" veterans were added to the mix at the current minicamp the Birds are having for rookies and those select vets. Early on, Sampy turned back for an underthrown pass and collided with rookie safety Therrien Fontenot, who also was tracking the ball. (That last phrase was added lest the Pro Football Talk guy once again jump up on his hobby horse, speculating about teams violating rules about noncontact practices. It was a noncontact practice; nobody was wearing pads. Two guys ran into each other, going for the ball.)

Sampy suffered a left ankle injury that kept him down on the field, surrounded by medical staff, for quite a while, before he rode off to the locker room in a cart, which is never a good thing. The Eagles said he was being examined Tuesday afternoon by team physician Dr. Peter DeLuca.

Obviously, he still has nearly two months to training camp, but just as obviously, an undrafted wideout taking his third shot at making the squad needs to show he can stay on the field.

This is terrible news for reader Frank Madara of Marvin, N.C., who regularly e-mails your Eagletarian with queries about Sampy's progress and predictions of his emergence as a secret weapon.

Frank, when you get a minute, let us know how soon Sampy will be back.