The comparisons between Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy are becoming more frequent as McCoy continues to develop into a consistent weapon both in the run game and the pass game.

You might recall Donovan McNabb referring to Westbrook as the ultimate weapon, and defensive coordinators echoing how important Westbrook was to the Eagles' offense.

Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell made the same point about McCoy on Friday.

"In my opinion, he is the guy," Fewell said. "The receivers, they get all the accolades, but if you look at the games and who damages you in the fourth quarter, against us it was McCoy, against Dallas it was McCoy. He's the guy who inflicts the pain on you and the other guys get the glory, so he's a tough cat to handle now.

"First and second down he's getting that run, be it run or be it screens or what have you, but he's just pounding away at you and then in the fourth quarter he gets stronger. He's got a great will on him and he fights and he busts runs against you and he's a very tough man to cover with 60 minutes of football."

Fewell also was asked about the hits on Michael Vick, as questions continue about the legality of someone of the pounding that Vick is taking.

"You've just got to play within the rules is my opinion," he said. "When he pulls the ball down he's a running back, so he's fair game. When he's in the pocket, you've just got to play within the rules and see what you hit, but we're going to play good, clean football and the objective is to put hits on the quarterback and to punish him."

So, are you going to radically alter your game plan?

"I'm going to keep that a secret," he said, coyly.


Giants center Shaun O'Hara is expected to start after spraining his foot six games ago. He was a limited practice participant Thursday and Friday.

Rich Seubert will move back to left guard, another makeover for the Giants' offensive line that has fueled their recent surge in the run game.

"Something about playing the Eagles just makes you feel better all over," O'Hara said. "I think this is a huge game and it is the biggest game of the year this far ... It's a huge game, we're at home, and I know we're looking forward to it. This is possibly our last home game so I know we're asking our fans to bring their A-game, and we're going to bring our A-game. We're hoping that they can be the difference maker in this game and they can be loud and just as excited as we are."

O'Hara joked that he has been instrumental in providing Gatorade and towels on the sideline while he has been out.

"What a long and strange trip it's been," O'Hara said. "It's been frustrating, it's been tough. I know I've been saying that it's been day to day, week to week. Last week, I was able to do a little bit more, and I was hoping to have a shot last week and it just wasn't ready. With this week, it's definitely felt better and I was able to do much more this week than last week. I think it gave us all confidence that I can make it through."

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