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Just like my garage

Yeah, right! Have you ever seen such organization? I have a brother whose garage looks like this but I didn't get that gene.

Farmer Mark Risso insists that he and his crew just finished cleaning up the barn at Longview Center for Agriculture in Collegeville before I arrived. I kinda wish I'd seen the before picture. The after is pretty impressive.

This should be inspiration, though, a gentle kick in the pants to clean up the season's tools and put everything in order. Nothing worse than being excited about the beginning of spring and having to root around for a shovel or some gloves before you can plant.

Hate to say it, but cleanup is underrated. By the time I'm 90, I just might absorb some of these housekeeping lessons. Give me credit, though: I do the evening's dishes before going to bed. Now if I can just get out there to the garage and start organizing.

I might even find the snow shovels!