There's a happy hour reform movement underway in Harrisburg.

The proposal by state Rep. John Payne (R., Dauphin) would allow bars and restaurants to decide how long they want their happy hours to be as long as the total does not exceed the legal limit - 14 hours a week.

Under current law - who knew there was one? - eateries are allowed only two hours of happy hour per day up to 14 hours in a week.

But wait there's more.

The bill also would allow customers to purchase up to three unopened bottles of wine from a restaurant to take home. Now you have have open the bottle take a sip and recork it]

And you thought the state store system was arcane?

The bill also would free restaurants with a liquor license to provide alcohol to events they cater off-site.

House Bill 148, now goes to the full House for consideration. If it clears the House it must be approved by the Senate and be signed by Gov. Corbett, so don't prepare for your extended happy afternoon or a happy evening just yet.

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