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Judge Rendell channels her inner ... Miss Piggy

OK, before you go and get any crazy ideas, we mean Miss Piggy singing her over-wrought line of "Five Golden Rings"  in the Muppets' version of the Christmas carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

At least that's what it sounds like to us here at Commonwealth Confidential - all two of us working here today. And our poll was unanimous, so there.

Judge Rendell, renowned for having a strong, clear voice, sounds a bit over-the-top - if not downright shrieky - as she belted out the "five golden rings" line this past Saturday night at Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal's annual holiday party (the guv was there too, singing along, although we're glad we can't hear him well. His voice? Not so strong).

Anyway, check it out for yourself below. Surely we're not just having a Simon Cowell moment.

The only way we can explain it is that she was channeling Miss Piggy's rendition, which always guarantees a round of laughs (if not some cringing). Take a listen to Miss Piggy here (although you may need to turn your volume up to the max to hear it well).

(via Philebrity)

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