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Philly Gayborhood to get rainbow crosswalks this summer

Expect to see a burst of color if you’re walking through the Gayborhood this summer.

Expect to see a burst of color if you're walking through the Gayborhood this summer.

Philly Pride Presents in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia will paint permanent rainbow-colored crosswalks at 12th and Locust and 13th and Locust streets following Philadelphia's Pride Parade. The eight crosswalks will be dedicated at the Annual Reminders Block Party on July 5th honoring the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. LGBT-rights group demonstrations.

The crosswalks have been a long time coming, said Philly Pride Presents executive director Franny Price.

"We know that other cities have installed rainbow crosswalks," Price told the Philadelphia Gay News, "and we have been trying to do the same in Philadelphia for a long time."

Philadelphia will now join the ranks of Gayborhoods in San Francisco and Austin, and its crosswalks will most closely resemble Toronto's rainbow-colored walks with six horizontal colors connecting both sidewalks.

Said Price, "It will add a little bounce to our steps as we walk the streets in the Gayborhood."