Chip Kelly came to the defense of starting receiver Riley Cooper -- and the Eagles offense in the process -- during a Thursday news conference.

"Riley's done an unbelievable job, especially blocking on the perimeter, great red zone target for us," Kelly said.

But Cooper has only six catches in four games. He's been targeted 16 times. Kelly said Cooper has only been charged with one drop, from the way the team counts it. So Kelly said Cooper is not just on the field because of his blocking.

"Are you getting open, are you getting out of the jam? Riley's doing that," Kelly said. "It depends on what we're throwing. I don't look at it that way."

Kelly said a receiver can only catch the balls that are thrown to him. (Again, six catches on 16 targets, although one was an interception.)

This can speak to a larger problem of the team's secondary receivers without Jeremy Maclin. But Kelly emphasized that there hasn't been an issue with the offense, and DeSean Jackson dominating the receiving yards is not among them.

"I don't see many problems with the offense beside turning the ball over," Kelly said.." I don't see people saying we're not having production with this thing because we're targeting just one guy."

Some other quick notes...

**Patrick Chung is still limited by a shoulder injury. The Eagles have three more days for the game. Kelly said he does not have a set limit of practices that a player must participate in to play on Sunday.

"it's all done on an individual basis," Kelly said. "What's the injury, where they are, how much of the game plan they can adjust?"

**The Eagles are going to Denver on Saturday, not Friday. Kelly will keep the Eagles on Eastern time.

"Jetlag doesn't affect you because of the time of the kick," Kelly said. "I really affects you when you're going [west to east]. All of a sudden when you're going to play, it's a 1:00 kick, which is a 10:00 kick. The pregame meal is four hours earlier. So the pregame meal is at 6:00. You're getting up at 5:00.

"When we've gone to play in different in time zones, you're only in there for a certain amount of time, it takes you about a week to get acclimated. We'll stay on an East Coast time schedule when we go out there.  The game is kicked off at 4:25.  It shouldn't affect us from that point."