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Happy Election Day. You are *still allowed* to vote, in spite of the rain.

Oh dear. This weather isn't going to help what was already expected to be a low turnout election. But listen, if you like complaining about City Council, the row offices etc., this is your chance to have some small say in Philadelphia governance -- especially this year, with so many seats up for grabs. Some resources for you:

  1. The voter's guide.

  2. The Daily News' endorsements and breakdown of other issues.

  3. Candidate responses to the Committee of Seventy's ethics agenda.

  4. Seventy's election day myths exposed.

  5. IOM's podcast-y breakdown of the ballot question.

  6. City Paper's primary candidate questinnaire.

  7. Philly Clout, for all your questionable election day tactic needs.

  8. Two phone numbers: The District Attorney's office at 215-686-9641 for complaints, and the Committee of Seventy at 1-866-OUR-VOTE for questions.

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