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How redistricting hurts: An example from outside Philly

In today's editorial, the Daily News argues that redistricting is a boon to politicians seeking to hold onto power. That's a pretty tough charge, but there is more. According to an ongoing series about redistricting put together by the Pocono Record, gerrymandering of state legislative districts has cost Monroe County at least $6 million in state gaming funds.

The state's gaming law calls for 2 percent of revenues to go to host communities for development. Except Monroe, that is.

Monroe County, home to Mount Airy Casino and Resort, is the only county required to share half its revenues with surrounding counties.

The reasoning? The shared impact on infrastructure — roads, bridges, law enforcement and so forth.

However, the Record says there is another reason for the unequitable split. According to the paper, politics and redistricting are to blame.

Monroe's revenue-sharing requirement can be traced back to the extreme fragmentation of the county's state representation. Six senators and four representatives all have parts of their districts in the county.

And only one, the 176th legislative district, lies completely in Monroe County.

This is a very concrete example of why we need to reform how legislative districts are drawn. And, it shows that it's an issue outside of Philadelphia. I strongly recommend people to check out the entire series by the Pocono Record. It's full of useful examples and information.

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