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An Inquirer investigation revealed how asbestos hazards and botched construction jobs put kids at risk. Then it happened again.

The district ignored early warnings from contractors, alarmed by the extent of the asbestos, and pushed an untenable deadline to complete work before the 2019-20 school year.

With their asbestos-tainted Philadelphia school building closed indefinitely, where will 1,000 students learn?

At first, district officials announced a plan to redirect the nearly 1,000 students to two other district high schools: South Philadelphia and Strawberry Mansion, but seemed to quickly change course after those options were roundly rejected by parents.

Ben Franklin/SLA communities prepare for showdown over building, asbestos issues

A coalition of representatives from both schools blasted the district as committing “gross negligence” during the construction project to co-locate the schools.

What Philadelphia school parents need to know about asbestos at Ben Franklin/SLA

Late last month, school district officials halted a multimillion-dollar construction project in a building that housed nearly 1,000 students from the two schools.

Asbestos issues have closed Ben Franklin/SLA indefinitely. Now the district needs to find spots for 1,000 students.

The news of more missed school comes amid a groundswell of fear and frustration from parents, teachers and students over significant environmental issues — and the way they have been handled by the Philadelphia School District.

Asbestos concerns cancel classes for at least the rest of the week for Ben Franklin, SLA

The news came shortly after Ben Franklin and SLA teachers hand-delivered a list of demands to Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. and the Philadelphia school board Wednesday.

Asbestos shuts down Ben Franklin/SLA school building

It's “too dangerous to allow students, staff and the school community to enter the building at this time,” the teachers’ union president said.

City could kick in $10,000,000 for asbestos work in Philadelphia schools

City Councilman at-Large Derek Green proposed the funding after learning Wednesday that a city teacher has mesothelioma, a form of cancer linked to asbestos.

Teachers’ union investigating a possible cancer link to Philly schools, warns of hazards

“Disturbed asbestos has been observed and reported at schools across the district,” said teachers’ union president Jerry Jordan. “The students and educators are literally risking death whenever they go to school — that is a shocking, shocking thing.”

5 years before police shootout in North Philly, alleged gunman and same cop crossed paths

Officer Edward Wright and Maurice Hill traveled decidedly different paths from their first encounter in Southwest Philly to their eventual reunion during a dangerous standoff in Tioga.