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Howl of the Day: Snowed in edition

We mentioned yesterday that many people have praised the city's quick and effective response to the snow. Still, it's worth pointing out trouble spots and ways to improve (for the next Storm of the Decade). Howl user "CrazyIvan" points out something the Streets Dept. seems to have missed:

The intersection of Sedgwick and Creshiem in West Mt. Airy is at the bottom of 2 hills. I have watched, since Saturday morning, 35-40 cars get either stuck in the intersection or, after realizing they weren't making it up the hills, slide back down...only to get stuck in the intersection. Why aren't hills prioritized (after attending to the Snow Routes, of course)? When there are 3 or 4 cars stranded, all gunning their engines in the same intersection, trying to get out, it's a dangerous situation. We've seen 2 plow trucks since Saturday- one didn't have its plow down, and the other went by so fast that it did virtually nothing. After I watched a police van get stuck yesterday, I thought the intersection would finally get plowed. I'm still waiting...

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