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Howl of the Day: The PPA wants you to see the future

The PPA has some high expectations. For instance, it wants you to foresee that the spot you're in will become a no parking zone while you're away, and snap some photos to have available in court. If not? Then pay up. City Howl user "pumana" had to.

I went to traffic court to contest an unfair ticket and towing charge since my car was removed from a legal parking spot a couple of months ago. The story? Simple, I left to work and when I returned at 4 pm, there was a storage box instead of my car and plenty of no-parking signs posted on meters (so many that there were some left on the floor). So I go to traffic court and the first thing that this judge asks me to provide is a picture proving that there were no notices by the time I left to work.... yes! I was supposed to be able to provide an image or proof that by the time I left to work at 8 am, there were no notices posted. I had plenty of pictures to share in which I included a picture of my parking permit, all the leftover board signs that were left at the entrance of my place, the spot where my car was parked, the damage made to my car by the towing truck (contested and lost that one too) and on. Nothing mattered, I did not have a picture or anything to prove that I was telling the truth, therefore, I had to pay a $41 ticket and $150 for towing services to the lovely PPA.

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