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L&I says it's gotten rid of its clean and seal backlog

We've been writing about the Department of Licenses and Inspections a lot lately — mostly thanks to our weekly Help Desk feature.

So we thought we'd share a press release that just appeared in our inbox:

WHO: Commissioner of Licenses and Inspections Frances Burns

WHAT: Commissioner Burns will announce that the Department of Licenses and Inspections has officially eliminated the backlog of properties in need of cleaning and sealing. In FY 2009 the Department cleaned and sealed 952 and has cleaned an additional 1329 units this fiscal year. These gains are due both to Departmental increases in efficiency and the receipt of stimulus dollars which allowed the Department to temporarily increase staffing in this unit.

WHERE: 2117 W. York St.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 — 11:00 am TODAY

Though we don't know the details yet, this sounds pretty impressive, since L&I's had a longstanding backlog of abandoned properties that needed to be secured like this.

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