Mayor Michael Nutter generally doesn't comment on union negotiations, but that hasn't stopped him from blasting SEPTA workers for going on strike. In an Inquirer article that appeared yesterday, Nutter slammed the union for walking off the job.

"It was an ambush of the citizens and the riding public," Nutter said. "No one saw this coming. Everyone was caught off guard here."

He also criticized the union for rejecting an offer made by SEPTA late on Tuesday night. According to him, the contract proposed by management was more than fair.

Nutter and Rendell, who prevailed on the TWU not to strike during World Series games in Philadelphia, criticized union leaders for turning down what the governor called a "sensational" contract in tough economic times.

"If the workers were presented with that deal yesterday, I have no doubt it would have been accepted," Nutter said. "No one, no one, no one, has that kind of deal sitting in front of them right now. It's insane."

Finally, Nutter had harsh words for the union leadership. He said that the process was disorganized and that labor leader Willie Brown was ineffective.

Nutter said, "The parameters kept changing. It's difficult to negotiate when you don't know what the key points are and who's making the decisions."

What do you think? Do you agree with Mayor Nutter? Is he doing enough to end the strike?

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