From the DN, hopefully Council doesn't try to sneak anything by today:

Today, with all eyes fixed on the budget, Council could move to pass a package of "ethics" bills, not all of which are especially ethical.

One part of the package, a proposal to require lobbyists to register with the city and disclose their activities, is a good idea.

Unfortunately, it's lumped together with another bill that would lift a longstanding ban on political activity by city employees. This would depend on public approval of a charter change that would give Council authority to set political-activity rules by ordinance, rather than seeking voter approval. A bill to put this charter change on November's ballot is also pending. These are really bad ideas.

The ban on political activity is a necessary protection against the politicization of service delivery. Council had too much to gain from lax rules to claim sole oversight of political activity.

Council shouldn't pass the political-activity bills, but more immediately, it shouldn't do so when all eyes are on the budget.

This city has seen a lot of sorry political moments; let's not add "passing a bad ethics package when no one is paying attention" to the list.

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