In the Washington Post, columnist Sally Jenkins -- who did the last interview with Joe Paterno before he died -- wrote a column after this week's release of court documents alleging that Paterno was told in the 1970s that former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was abusing boys, decades before Paterno said he was told.

The headline on the column: "It's time for other Penn State coaches to speak up about Jerry Sandusky."

The start of the column: "There are people who know things. People who can corroborate or discredit, who can clarify what really happened at Penn State and how the university gave cover to child molester Jerry Sandusky for so long. Enough with the constant legal sophistry coming out of Happy Valley. All of the sworn testimony cannot be pure lies, and what it collectively alleges is that multiple people at Penn State, not just Joe Paterno, saw or heard something over the years."

And now, Jay Paterno, one of Joe's sons, has responded.
From a long column that was posted today on, Jay Paterno wrote to Jenkins:

"Well I coached at Penn State and this open letter is an answer to your call. Yes you write for the Goliath Washington Post and I write for I know this is but a stone in a slingshot, but it's a rock of truth and our aim is true.

"This is written because Penn State's administration once again chose to issue a statement defending nothing and offending no one. It's written because I cannot abide seeing you question the truth and the integrity of people I know.

"You state 'enough of the legal sophistry coming out of Happy Valley.' This will be devoid of that."

And it goes from there. The purpose here is not to re-litigate the matter. It is simply to draw attention to Jay Paterno's detailed response to the latest news. And to wonder:

When was the last time you heard somebody say, on either side of the argument, 'You know, I've changed my mind on this Paterno thing"?