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Michael Carter-Williams suffers 22nd consecutive breaking point

- While the Sixers lost for the 22nd straight time against the Bulls last night, poor, sweet Michael Carter-Williams couldn't even take it anymore. He gets called for traveling, and decides if the ball has traveled this far, maybe it wants to go a little further.

- Anyways, spring is here!

Notice a bounce in your step? It's the first day of spring! Also I released amphetamines into the water supply

- Packers lineman T.J. Lang is finding out just what Comcast is all about. Comcast: Finding a Way to Ruin Any Month you Choose.

Dear Comcast.. You know what today is. Please get the cable working by noon. Thanks.

- "Save us, Phil Jackson!" the people of New York cried. "Okay," Phil Jackson shrugged.

- This was after the Knicks' fans bravely protested outside MSG because god forbid a New York sports team suck for a while.

- Yasiel Puig owned Australia in a Dodgers exhibition game against the Australian national team, overcoming the odds and being awesome with both a home run and an assist throwing a guy out at the plate. And it was clear from the get-go that there would be obstacles.

I look forward to seeing how a baseball reacts when it is upside down in Australia

- And Australia's "no drawing penises on the wickets" crackdown claims another victim.

- Hunter Pence looks like he's up to something. Let's watch.

- "It's a safety issue," NFLPA president said of not expanding the schedule to 18 games. Now, what issue could there be for better protection from brain issues. Hmm.

- The Astros are starting from the ground up, and that goes for mascots, too. It only makes sense for them to learn from the best.

- Miguel Cabrera's new MLB: The Show 14 commercial has all the makings of a baseball video game ad: Baseball, video games, explanations of new features in the game, when the game is available, oh wait it has none of these things and looks like a tame sketch from Tim and Eric.