First it was infidelity, then violations of Pennsylvania child labor laws, now animal cruelty complaints are dogging TV's Gosselin clan.

The Humane Society of Berks County investigated a dozen complaints alleging the Gosselins' German Shepherds, Nala and Shoka, were being abused. The complaints came after Jon Gosselin, star of the Jon & Kate Plus Eight reality series, told People magazine "the kids beat them up, climb on them, pull their tails, bite at them, drag them around and everything you can imagine not to do to an animal, they've done."

But the humane society Friday said it found "no reasonable basis for concern for the dogs," just a poor choice of words by Jon Gosselin.

Jon Gosselin issued the following statement in response to the charges:

"I would like to clarify a recent statement I made regarding my family's two German Shepherd puppies, Shoka and Nala. The statement – if taken literally and out of context – could be misinterpreted and I'd like to set the record straight. We understand the responsibilities of being good dog owners. Whenever my kids are with Shoka and Nala, everyone is carefully supervised to ensure that no one – dog or child – is injured. Shoka and Nala are loyal companions who we consider members of our family. We would never do anything to hurt them, and treat them with the respect and love that they deserve."

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