Phillies prospect Mickey Moniak is proving to be a real pain in the butt.

After the Phillies drafted Moniak first overall last June, the centerfielder revealed that he and his friend Ethan Abrams had made a bet during high school: If Moniak was drafted in the first 10 picks, Abrams would get Moniak's signature tattooed onto his rear end. Abrams, a man of his word, had the Phillies prospect's signature inked on Tuesday night.

Moniak and Abrams were Little League teammates in Southern California and then played together at La Costa Canyon High School. The wager was made during Moniak's freshman year when he was working to join Abrams, a sophomore, on the school's varsity team.

Moniak, who will turn 19 in May, had a strong two months last summer in the Gulf Coast League and could start this season with single-A Lakewood. Abrams is now pitching at Columbia University and has a chance to redeem himself. Moniak agreed to get Abrams' name tattooed if he is drafted in the first 20 rounds. Stay tuned.