Earlier we posted that it appeared as if the Union had already qualified for the Major League Soccer playoffs, but said there could be a technicality we didn't factor.

It turns out that is the case.

We sent our suggestion (about the Union clinching) to MLS. Rick Lawes of MLS points out a scenario that shows why the Union haveb;t clinched.

The Union have 47 points with games left against Toronto and New York. If the Union wins them both, they will clinch the Eastern Conference title.

The only way there would still be a potential question whether the Union qualifies for the playoffs is if they lose both games, but they could still get in.

Ten teams will earn a playoff spot.

(Teams receive three points for a win and one for a tie).

Lawes points out a scenario where five teams could end up tied with 47:

PHI: L vs TOR, L v NY = 47

KC: T v NY, T v DC = 47

NY: T v KC, W v PHI = 47

HOU: T v POR, W v LA = 47

POR: T v HOU, W v DC, W v RSL = 47

In this case, head to head would have to be compared against all teams tied for a position.

Either way, things are awfully close and it would take a lot of things to happen for the Union not to be in.