"Fry, Eagles, fry," you might say.

Dottie's Donuts' holiday party coincided with the Eagles' NFC championship win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night, and business partners Matt Quinn and Jeff Poleon could not stop talking about the city's idea to smear vegetable shortening on light poles in an attempt to thwart jubilant fans from climbing them.

Ergo, a light bulb moment: They'd offer a special doughnut in tribute.

"We had the same idea," Poleon said. "Then we put it together at 4 a.m."

Dubbed the Eagles Fan on a Greased Pole, the $2.50 confection consists of a pole-shaped doughnut made from chocolate dough. It is covered in vanilla glaze — symbolizing the Crisco — and is topped with a smear of green matcha glaze to call to mind green jerseys worn by fans. Like all of Dottie's product line, it is vegan.

Monday's batch sold out, and Poleon says it will be offered again starting Wednesday at the West Philly location (4529 Springfield Ave.) and the Queen Village shop (509 S. Sixth St.).

In a bid for hometown pride, Dottie's also has removed the Boston cream doughnut from its lineup between now and the Super Bowl, subbing a cookies-and-cream doughnut.