Michael Griffiths and Kevin D'Egidio — partners in Kensington's Helm and Pennsport's South Helm (and the duo behind the food last summer at Morgan's Pier) — have ventured into Fishtown for a breakfast/luncher called Tierce (2218 Frankford Ave., near Susquehanna).

Tierce — rhymes with "fierce" — is a play on "three" in Old English.

It's a local thing. Griffiths lives nearby in the now-booming area, and D'Egidio is about to become his neighbor.

They've recast the former Pickled Heron, adding monochromatic Day of the Dead-like graphics and assorted homey seating options.

How can these guys be three places at once, even with Helm and South Helm's dinnertime focus?

Chef Jon Adair is running the kitchen, using many local sources to turn out elevated breakfast and brunch fare (such as creamed chip prosciutto with cauliflower gravy on pumpernickel; a patty melt with pork roll (for which you can sub beets); and lamb meatball toast.

Here is the opening menu.

Hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily (brunch on weekends), but they will skip Mondays for the time being.