Mick Foley is a WWE Hall of Famer, a hardcore wrestling legend, a New York Times best-selling author, a Santa Claus enthusiast and … a cheater?

No way. Not Mrs. Foley's baby boy. Not the man who wore Santa Claus-themed attire for 365 consecutive days just because he could.

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Well, that's what he left the Wells Fargo Center as Friday morning after being disqualified from WIP's Wing Bowl 23 for stuffing chicken wings in, of all places, his fanny pack.

Fanny packs were once very popular, but they were really, really popular with professional wrestlers during the 1990s, as it gave them another place to put what they commonly refer to as their "gimmicks."

While the fanny pack has gone the way of the VCR, Foley is keeping the fanny pack alive and well, but it got him into trouble Friday when it was stuffed full of saucy chicken wings.

Foley, who entered the Wing Bowl at the suggestion of Tommy Avallone, the director of Foley's documentary I am Santa Claus, said after the debacle that he thought his chances of winning the Wing Bowl were pretty good and described himself as "a good eater."

The odds makers agreed, giving Foley 10-1 odds to take home the title.

But before Foley even placed one delicious chicken wing into his mouth, he got a stiff dose of reality.

Because of the entrance order, Foley was seated next to Molly Schuyler, the defending Wing Bowl champion, who set a world record during her dominant victory in 2014.

Foley estimates he got through about 70 wings before looking over at Schuyler and realizing that she had already devoured more than 200. He quickly knew he was in way over his head at this point.

Despite the numerous steel chair shots to the cranium, Foley quickly thought on his feet and weighed his options. Foley believed that if he attempted to keep up with Schuyler, he would eventually vomit all over the place, publicly embarrassing himself. The alternative to throwing up would be to cheat. Like a good wrestling heel, Foley knew he was overmatched and chose the latter option.

"I'd rather cheat than puke," Foley said afterward.

Thus began the process of him stuffing his trusty fanny pack with poultry. While Foley was disqualified before even reaching 100, Schuyler wolfed down 440 wings, but was still good enough to finish only in second place, as Patrick Bertoletti unseated the defending champion, with a record 444 wings.

Needless to say, Foley's attempt to keep up with Schuyler would have turned out to be an exercise in futility.

Despite his questionable Wing Bowl tactics, a gaggle of fans still showed up to the event's official after-party at the SugarHouse Casino to meet and receive a signed photograph from the former WWE champion, who can now add Wing Bowl cheater to his list of credits and accomplishments.