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Works by adults mark Poetry Month

As Loneliness Makes Its Mark It's very clear to me now That I have to change my way, I wanted togetherness always

Sandy Tursi
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As Loneliness Makes Its Mark

It's very clear to me now

That I have to change my way,

I wanted togetherness always

But I've been turned away

The image in my mirror

Is broken, sad, and dark,

My new path is validated

As loneliness makes its mark

Landscape for me is winter

But it wasn't supposed to be,

Because up until yesterday

Light rays shined on me

Surely, things are now altered

But how much should I admit,

Because though I'm dead inside

Total devastation has yet to hit

I'm in an interim world now

Where I still touch each side,

As yesterday's perfume lingers

And today's sorrow coincide

This interim period will pass

As yesterday slips out of range,

And I live alone with myself

With this very unwelcome change

I always had an other, for the asking

And conversation never died,

But this is reality at its coldest

And impossible to take in stride

I'm one day away from being old

And my greatest fear is completed,

As I have contracted being alone

And it will always go untreated

Being solitary stifles and suffocates

And something I can't dislodge,

This room reveals earlier sunsets

And creeping shadows I can't dodge

An Enshrouded Drift

It was late one vague night

and my head was very light;

the problems were short-spaced and many

which didn't help matters any

I tried to elude them to sleep

but sinking in eludeness wasn't deep;

my will was weak. . . and I insisted

but their will was strong. . . and they persisted

Struggling as awake and able – suppressing a yawn,

hoping they cringed at light, I hoped for dawn;

I knew they'd be my guests until dawn came

but I knew I would win, for that was my aim

I remember trying to make a cowardly deal

so when it was over, I'd have no wounds to heal;

but they were earless and kept surrounding my bed

and kept attacking their target area of my head

But if they could lose, and I could somehow win,

my resistance in the future wouldn't be as thin;

but if they would win, and I would somehow lose

I'd always be heading a list they'd always choose

The edge of dawn came around to share,

saving me, from that nightlong lair;

they tried their luck, coming on like thunder

but losing their bid to pull me under


The bull, the bear and the elephant

went to the market and their money spent.

Then the bull, the bear and the elephant

went to live in a country tent and

soon the landlord came to collect his rent.

But the bull, the bear and the elephant

told him their money was already spent.

But along came a skunk who the money lent

to the bull, the bear and the elephant.

The moral of this story is apparent:

wherever they travelled, wherever they went,

the bull, the bear and the elephant

learned that a friend is heaven scent!!

My Best Friend

There are many sides to

My best friend besides

Loving, caring, and strong.

He'll argue a point to

Exhaustion because he's

Knowledgeable and never wrong.

He reads the Inquirer everyday

And spends most time

On the sports page.

He's a sports fanatic and an

Eagles fan who wants a

Super Bowl win before old age.

He's a bargain hunter to

Extreme; there are times

When he actually squeaks.

He maintains computers, cars,

Fixes the house and

Can do small tweaks.

He loves summer, swimming,

and boating,

But most of the time we're seen

together in the ocean floating.

He's smart, funny, and

Creative. His wheels are in

Spinning all the time.

He's compassionate, trustworthy,

And stable. I love that

Husband of mine.

Although he is an only child

he's quite street smart

Pat's my best friend

and the man who won my heart

Spring in Bloom

Oh what a happy time of the year

When things come back to life again

Trees begin to blossom

And shades of green begin to blend

Bunny babies hop all around

Searching for some food

And the aroma of flowers in bloom

Simply puts everyone in a good mood

Rain doesn't depress us

It's just nature's watering can

With a bigger picture in mind for us

A wonderful future plan

Birds are singing high above

In every tree you can see

Bees are busy buzzing around

And coning their honey

Tulips and daffodils

Will pop up all around us

When their pedals open wide

Their beauty will astound us

Enjoy the gifts of spring

That nature gives to us for free

Give thanks whenever you smell a flower

Or take shade under a beautiful tree

My Child

She is joy, my child.

Born to, not of, me.

Deep bonds hold tight.

Love, strong, true,

pulses in our hearts,

for all time.

My sweet girl.

I am her mom.

Now, next, dawn, dusk,

day, night, dark, light.

Through a storm,

calm, rain, sun.

Your song heals.

Smile bright, cheer, eyes shine.

They warm, save.

Hope, faith find us.

What then comes?

Run, jump, play,

grow, laugh, learn.

Home here, there.

Flesh, bone, dust.

We cannot slow time.

Wish, try, set free.

Go forth, breath life.

Souls, tied.

Her Life

She held her life in her own hands as if

it were a toy she could play with,

The toy no longer amused her,

She'd gown tired and now

wanted to be rid of it.

Like a long loved Raggedy Ann doll

she was old, used and tossed aside.

No longer useful, no long loved,

her stuffing had fallen out,

She was deflated and defeated.

What else is there to do

with a discarded old toy

but destroy it, she slowly

thought as the pills and the

Raggedy Ann doll both dissolved.