Philadelphia native Will Smith, nominated for two best-actor Oscars,

is among Hollywood's biggest box office stars. Here are unforgettable films:

Bad Boys

(1995): Two hip detectives (Smith and Martin Lawrence) protect a murder witness while investigating a case of stolen heroin. A breakout film for Smith.

Independence Day

(1996): The aliens are coming and their goal is to invade and destroy. Fighting superior technology, man's best weapon is his will to survive. Smith really knew how to rock the Fourth of July releases. This one grossed more than $817 million worldwide, ranking it 18th all-time.

Men in Black

(1997): Two men (Smith and Tommy Lee Jones) keep an eye on aliens in New York City and must try to save the world after the aliens threaten to blow it up. The film spawned a sequel and grossed more than $589 million worldwide, ranking it 40th all-time.


(2001): A biography of sports legend Muhammad Ali, from his early days to his career in the ring. Earned Smith his first Oscar nomination.


(2005): While helping his latest client woo the fine lady of his dreams, a professional "date doctor" finds his game doesn't quite work on the gossip columnist with whom he's smitten (Eva Mendes). This romantic comedy grossed almost $180 million and showed Smith can do any genre, according to Inquirer movie critic Carrie Rickey.

The Pursuit of Happyness

(2006): Struggling salesman Chris Gardner takes custody of his son (played by Will's own son Jaden) as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional endeavor. The role brought Smith his latest Oscar nomination.

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