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Sideshow: The year's biggest partiers

Over the next few days, Top 10 lists of Important Things That Happened in 2010 - y'know, oil spills and such - will blanket the place like snow on Lincoln Financial Field. So serious. So uncelebratory at such a jolly time of year. That is why E! Online pr

Over the next few days, Top 10 lists of Important Things That Happened in 2010 - y'know, oil spills and such - will blanket the place like snow on Lincoln Financial Field. So serious. So uncelebratory at such a jolly time of year. That is why E! Online proudly presents the "10 Biggest Partiers of 2010"! At No. 10 is teen throb Zac Efron, who E! says was seen at FlashDancers in NYC, "where he got lapdances and bottle service." Gossip Girl's Blake Lively is 9, Katy Perry is 8, and Paris Hilton is 7. At a perplexingly low number (6) is Lindsay "Really, I'm in Rehab" Lohan. Kim Kardashian is 5, and Jersey's most famous publicly drunken starlet, Snooki, is No. 4. Career bad boy Charlie Sheen is third, and Hannah Montana Gonna Go Wild in the Cabana Miley Cyrus is runner-up. The biggest partier of 2010 is - drum roll, please - perennially young - make that juvenile - knucklehead David Arquette. "Since his split from Courteney Cox earlier this year, David's been a hot mess," notes E! Gotta be a mess to get on some lists. I guess.

'I do' and goo-goos

Talk about cause for celebrating - make that two causes, at least if you're Natalie Portman. People reported yesterday that the 29-year-old actress is pregnant with her first child and is engaged to Black Swan choreographer and fellow actor Benjamin Millepied. Reps for Portman confirmed that much, but would dish no further details. Portman and Millepied swooned for each other on the Swan set, though obviously the meeting wasn't their swan song. Portman's performance in the movie as a talented and troubled ballet dancer has earned her Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award nominations. Let's see the pas de deux the pair do as new parents.

One for oil or oil for one?

Just in case you thought actors weren't interested in substantive science stuff (that's a technical term; don't worry if you don't understand it), along comes Stephen Baldwin to sue Kevin Costner for 3.8 million smackeroos over, says Entertainment Weekly online, "a tiff involving oil-separating technology." Being science-savvy myself, I feel confident in saying they aren't talking about cooking or body oil. The lawsuit says Baldwin and Costner, star of the alleged film Waterworld, had invested in a device BP used last summer to try to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Costner and a business partner, the court document claims, duped Baldwin and a friend out of the $18 million deal. If true, $3.8 million seems like a bargain! If not, well, let the spat continue and grow ugly.

Sonny with a chance of punching

Hooray for the Christmas spirit! For a few hours on Saturday, troubled Disney star Demi Lovato was allowed to leave her treatment facility to spend the holiday with her family. Lovato, 18, and fams were seen heading into a movie theater in Illinois that has "full to-your-seat food and beverage service," says TMZ. No word on what movie the Camp Rock 2 and Sonny With a Chance star saw. Lovato, you may recall, went into treatment after she reportedly punched a female dancer on a jet in October. Just before Christmas, TMZ also reported that Lovato had reached a financial settlement with punchee Alex Welsh. Donald Karpel, Welsh's lawyer, told TMZ his client would receive an undisclosed amount of money to help her heal from the incident.

There's no place like home

Home for the holidays may not be how Octomom, more legally known as Nadya Suleman, would describe how she's feeling these days about the four-bedroom SoCal crib in which she and her 14 wee ones have lived since the most recent eight, her octuplets, left the hospital nearly two years ago. Seems Suleman has kept up with the monthly payments of about $4,000 but didn't plunk down the $450,000 on the balloon payment due in October. Seems mortgage holder Amer Haddadin says he'll evict her if she and her lawyer (and house co-owner) Jeff Czech don't cough up the $450K. He even served papers on her on Dec. 2. "I think they have the money, but they are hiding the money," the Associated Press reported Haddadin as saying. Seems as though.

Christmas wrap-up

Jessica Simpson can't say enough high-sugar-content things about how much her family liked her newly minted fiancé, former NFL guy Eric Johnson, when he spent Christmas Eve with them. So says Access Hollywood. "Eric is the perfect addition to our family," tweeted Simpson Sunday. "We are lucky to have 3 new studs in the fam: Pete, BX, and EJ!" She was referring to sister Ashlee Simpson's hubby, Pete Wentz; their son Bronx Mowgli Wentz (who turned 2 in November); and aforementioned sweetiepie Eric. . . . Wait a minute . . . Bronx? . . . What, will Ashlee and Pete's next be called Staten Island? Man, oh, Manhattan. . . . Tyler Perry has offered to rebuild the home of Rosa Lee Ransby, 88. The AP reports that Ransby and her 4-year-old great-granddaughter escaped a fire last week that destroyed the house southwest of Atlanta where Ransby had lived for 40 years. The Atlanta filmmaker and all-around star visited Ransby's neighborhood Thursday and said he'll pay for the rent on temporary digs, plus utilities and new furniture, and build a new home on her property, says Atlanta's WSB-TV. Help is flooding in from others as well. Yes, little 4-year-old great-granddaughter, there is a Santa Claus.

Dude awakening

But there almost wasn't a Jeff Bridges as the Dude. A PBS documentary set to air Jan. 12 reveals he almost turned down the lead role in Ethan and Joel Coen's cult classic The Big Lebowski, according to the Huffington Post. In the doc Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides, JB says he wasn't so sure about doing the film after reading the script: "I said, what is this? This is like nothing I've ever done before. This is like - did you crash one of my high school parties?" A relative is credited with persuading Bridges to take the role, and the rest is Dude history.