JUNEAU, Alaska - Sen. Lisa Murkowski was officially named the winner of Alaska's U.S. Senate race yesterday, following a period of legal fights and limbo that lasted longer than the write-in campaign she waged to keep her job.

Gov. Sean Parnell and Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, who oversees elections, signed the paperwork certifying her win in the hotly contested race.

"It's done," Treadwell said after penning his last signature in front of cameras in Parnell's office.

The paperwork was to be hand-delivered to Washington, D.C., by state Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai so Murkowski can be sworn in with her colleagues on Wednesday.

With certification, Murkowski becomes the first U.S. Senate candidate since Strom Thurmond in 1954 to win a write-in campaign.

The official vote tally certified yesterday showed her margin of victory over her nearest opponent, Republican rival Joe Miller, was 10,252 votes.

"The voters have spoken. The courts have confirmed their voice," Parnell said. "We have certified and attested to Sen. Murkowski's election, and I would look forward to her being sworn in in the week ahead here."

Murkowski waged her longshot write-in bid after losing the August GOP primary to Miller, a Sarah Palin-backed tea-party favorite making his first statewide run for public office.

She announced her write-in campaign Sept. 17 - an unprecedented effort in this state that lasted 46 days. Certification came 58 days after the election.

Miller was expected to announce today whether he'll continue his challenge to the state's handling of the election and its counting of write-in votes for Murkowski.

Murkowski campaign manager Kevin Sweeney called certification "anticlimatic."

No one from her camp was on hand to witness the signing. Murkowski was out of state on vacation.