Age: 26.

Job: Personal trainer.

Neighborhood: Logan.

Marital status: Single.

Children: 2-year-old son.

If his love life were a reality TV show, it would be: "Ya Boy Who Never Loses."

Hitting the right notes: Watch out for his album debut, "Life of a Male Model" and its first single, "Magazine Man," produced by Traxx Trigga.

Claim to fame: He's a model/actor.

Back in the day: "I pretty much raised myself...I've been living on my own since I was 17. I never fell victim to the ills of the street, though. I always stayed on the straight and narrow."

What he thinks of the local dating scene: "Bland, hard. 'Cause I want what I want. I'm shooting for the stars. I just mean I chase the cream of the crop. I'm not usually interested in what's interested in me."

No wallflowers need apply: Likes outgoing, outspoken, aggressive women.

Celebrity ideal: Actress Meagan Good.

His idea of a perfect date: "Dinner and a funny movie. I'm easy. Laid-back. I just like to chill."

E-mail: or myspace/kyneverlose.