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Tyler Rose:

Walk Poolside like it's a Runway...

Luxury Swimwear: With summer approaching, there's one thing on every ladies' mind - bathing suit shopping. It's no surprise that the thought of baring all at the beach is enough to keep us out of the dressing room. But c'mon ladies, don't let the bathing suit blues get you down. This year's beachcombers are hipper than ever, making bold fashion statements by sporting a Tyler Rose bikini.

Based out of Newport Beach, designer Nichole Carroll, introduces her '07 Spring collection, "I Heart Hollywood." The designs were derived from a combination of attempting to capture an essence of the past while re-inventing the future. And like many women, from both past and present, Caroll was never satisfied with the suits she found on the shelves. In an effort to look her best and help out her fellow woman, Carrol decided it was time to make her own. And we're glad she did.

Tyler Rose Swimwear provides a trendy, vintage look and offers an "Old Palm Springs meets Hollywood" attitude. Her latest resort line, "I Heart Hollywood," shows off the designer's eclectic tastes and urban, retro style. The all-black "Viper Room" lives up to its name and has rock star written all over it while the vibrant orange "Oscar" will make any bathing beauty's golden tan pop. The "Beverly" is an itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, black and white polka dot bikini. And the leopard-print "Jayne" and the snakeskin "Whiskey" will no doubt turn heads.

As a fiend for creativity, Carrol leads her life to the fullest and finds her muses along the way. Each suit is named after someone or something that has once inspired her. Makes you wonder what may have happened at the "Viper Room" and if there was "Whiskey" involved?

Carrol is involved from start to finish in the design and construction of each suit and hand selects fabrics herself. A Tyler Rose bikini spews originality and is guaranteed to bare a lot of skin. Bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately to ensure a perfect fit, and are available in sizes 1-4. But don't be discouraged as the suits' sizes run big. For instance, a size 3 is tailored to fit a size 8-10 body type. Carrol sure knows how to make a girl feel good about herself, especially while she's donning one of the skimpiest bikinis around.