POLICE HAVE arrested a Frankford man on gun and conspiracy charges after he admitted he bought two handguns for someone else, an offense called straw purchasing.

William Santore, 24, of Jackson Street near Wakeling, told detectives he purchased a 9 mm Astra semiautomatic handgun and a .40-caliber Steyr semiautomatic handgun on March 26 at a city gun shop for a man he identified only as "Fat Cat," according to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.

Authorities discovered the illegal buy after police recovered one of the illicit guns when they arrested Jonathan Sanchez on April 16 in Frankford on burglary and gun charges. Sanchez is jailed on $150,000 bail, awaiting a May 9 preliminary hearing. The second illegally purchased gun has not been recovered.

Santore admitted he knows Sanchez, but denied that he bought the guns for him, according to the D.A.'s office. Santore allegedly lied on the purchase paperwork by saying he was buying the handguns for himself and that he didn't use drugs.

"His falsifications put firearms on the street into the hands of dangerous criminals," Tasha Jamerson, a spokeswoman for the D.A.'s office, said in a statement.

Santore was nabbed by the Gun Violence Task Force, a joint effort between the state Attorney General's Office and the D.A.'s office.

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