Philadelphia tavern owner Matt Swartz's probation officer was known to keep an eye on him at nights and on weekends.

Christina Quartullo's presence, however, had nothing to do with keeping her probationer on the straight and narrow. Instead, she was moonlighting as a waitress at two of Swartz's bistros.

Now, Quartullo's work in the service industry is in jeopardy - along with her day job as probation officer in the Philadelphia court system.

Quartullo, 34, who has worked for the city courts since 2000, declined to comment when reached Thursday by phone at the probation office.

Quartullo's ethical quandary was revealed earlier Thursday on the Philadelphia Magazine website, including a surreptitious photo of Quartullo carrying drinks at Swartz's Logan bar at 1939 Arch St. The article said she also worked weekends at Swartz's Farmers' Cabinet tavern at 1113 Walnut St.

Swartz, 42, could not be reached for comment.

According to court records, Swartz was arrested Dec. 19 for operating the Farmers' Cabinet as a bar although his liquor license had expired. Swartz pleaded guilty May 16 in Common Pleas Court to tampering with public records and operating an unlicensed bar; he was sentenced to a year's probation and fined $1,000. Quartullo was assigned as his probation officer.

Philadelphia Deputy Court Administrator Richard T. McSorley, whose job includes the Adult Probation Office, said he had verified that Quartullo was Swartz's probation officer and that she worked for him at his taverns.

"Human resources has been notified and will take the appropriate discipline," McSorley said, "up to and including termination."

He said the personnel policies of the Philadelphia courts require employees to obtain prior approval from their supervisor of any outside job, to make sure it will not conflict with the employee's judicial-system duties.

Said McSorley: "Every employee knows about this."