Thieves broke into Overbrook High School in the early hours this morning, stealing computers and vandalizing classrooms and offices.

According to officials, a police officer making his regular rounds of the school around 4 a.m. discovered the break-in.

Intruders vandalized three classrooms and six administrative offices around the school on Lancaster Avenue. They broke windows, damaged doors and painted graffiti on school walls.

The intruders stole 12 laptop computers, said Fernando Gallard, a spokesman for the Philadelphia School District.

Students arriving for a regular day of classes were taken to the auditorium, where they were kept until 11 a.m. while police authorities investigated the crime scene.

"The staff was very upset," Gallard said. "They felt violated, but to their credit they moved very quickly to get the school back in shape and ready for the students."

Gallard said officials did not yet have a dollar value on the stolen equipment and repairs they would need to make to the school.

District officials and Philadelphia police are still investigating the matter, and Gallard said the school's cameras could provide valuable evidence.

"We will be reviewing those tapes," he said.