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To do this week: It’s been a stressful week. Here’s how to recover.

We have some great tips for how to relax, even though, with the election still undecided as of this writing, it’s still tense out there.

Mindful breathing.
Mindful breathing.Read moreCynthia Greer

On the to-do list this week: recovering from this week, which has been about, oh, <checks notes> 1,000 years long. If you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, you’re not alone. We have some great tips for how to relax, even though, with the election still undecided as of this writing, it’s still tense out there.

And remember: We’ve collected our best articles with our best Philly tips. They’re in one place here.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and, as much as possible, it’s still a good idea to stay home.

Know this

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Stay safe, do stuff

Here is one highlight from our weekly events calendar:

  1. ⛸️ Opening of the Ice Rink at Dilworth Park (Fall event / in-person / outdoors / kid-friendly / ongoing) The holiday season launches at Dilworth Park with the return of its popular ice skating rink, which, in addition to skating, has super Instagrammable views of Center City and City Hall. This year, the winter park’s food-and-drink cabin becomes an open-air restaurant with a range of food and cocktails, with winter decor and toasty heat lamps. Masks, social distancing and timed tickets required. ($5-14 for skating; $10 for skate rental, Nov. 6-Feb. 28,, map, add to calendar)

🔎 Find more of this week’s safe kid-friendly, outdoor and arts events.

Do this

This week has been a tense one. So here are some ways to not tie yourself up in knots while you keep up with the news:

  1. Donate to an organization you care about. What did you really vote for this year? What issues matter to you most? There are countless organizations working on issues that matter to you. Show your support by contributing to their efforts, by volunteering or donating some cash. Make a plan to keep your civic engagement going beyond Election Day.

  2. Read some happy news. Remember, while the election is dominating the news cycle right now around the world, there are still stories of resilience, success, community strength, and people doing good work. If you need a place to start, check out our section The Upside.

  3. Listen to some soothing music. You’ve heard the piece Spiegel im Spiegel in countless movies — and in a couch scene from The Simpsons. Let the full 11 minutes of Arvo Pärt’s calming work take you away to blissland. It’s the world’s most soothing work of classical music; here’s what to listen for as it unspools.

  4. Breathe. Lie down on the floor. Place a book on your stomach. Now breathe deeply and focus on lifting the book. Try this three times, and when you’re able, build up to five times. Make it a goal to reach seven times. Pace yourself as needed. If you feel dizzy, don’t push it. More breathing exercises here.

  5. Take a social media break. Endlessly refreshing our feeds isn’t always the best thing to do. Try putting your phone out of reach, turning off notifications, and deleting social media apps from your smartphone. However, if you can’t take a break entirely, at least try to limit your screen time, and make sure the information you’re consuming is reliable. More sane social media tips here.

More ways to find some peace in the full story.

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Eat this

No, you don’t need to cook tonight. In fact, this may be a week for comfort food. If you need more go-tos in that department, Grace Dickinson asked some chefs for their most comforting takeout and delivery picks. The list makes us feel better already (and hungrier). Here are a few of their recommendations:

  1. Upside Down pizza and Cheesesteaks at Angelo’s Pizzeria. “Nothing beats fried, saucy, crispy goodness when you need some comfort.” — Peter Hwang of SouthGate

  2. Reina Pepiada Arepas at Puyero. “This is my go-to. It’s so basic but it just hits all the right notes.” — Ari Miller of Musi

  3. House Special Hand-Drawn Noodles with Szechuan broth from Spice C. “More and more often, it’s like man, I don’t feel like cooking and I’m depressed, and it’s great to have this giant bowl of noodles. It can’t fix our problems or our country’s problems, but it delivers pure comfort.” — Alex Bois of Lost Bread

More chef-approved feel-better food in Grace’s full piece.

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