Drew A. Harris, DPM, MPH

Director of Health Policy Program at the Jefferson College of Population Health

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We can’t reopen the country without a strong COVID-19 testing program. Here’s how to do it. l Opinion

A state-organized parallel testing system is an innovative approach that demonstrates your state’s commitment to opening the economy as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Why is healthcare data innovation so slow in coming?

Tracking healthcare data is a lot more complicated than recording bank deposits and withdrawals. No one dies if Alexa makes a reservation at the wrong restaurant. The same can’t be said if the wrong patient is scheduled for surgery.

On Medicare for All and other health plans, candidates should put up or shut up l Opinion

Health care is too important for generalities. Whether you like Elizabeth Warren's plan or not, she deserves credit for being specific.

US immigration policy stresses immigrants and the nation’s healthcare system | Opinion

A recent study revealed a significant increase in the number of premature births to Latina women in the U.S. since the 2016 presidential election. There is no single reason for babies being born too soon, but stress is definitely on the list.

Colleges will now measure ‘adversity score’ for disadvantaged students. Could this approach work in health care too?

Imagine the patient who’s regularly late, misses appointments or doesn’t fill their prescriptions as instructed. From the physician’s perspective, this is a non-compliant patient. But the patient may have transportation and financial issues. A "health adversity score" could help address this.

Health outcomes in Philadelphia are a mixed bag

A healthier population lowers healthcare costs for insurers and the employers, employees and taxpayers who ultimately pay for that care.

We must do more to prevent childhood trauma, here and at the border

Traumatic events such as loss or separation from a parent, sexual abuse, and physical and emotional injury pile up in a child's body and mind. Once embedded, the damage is hard to repair.

Trump wants to sell health insurance across state lines. Why that's a bad idea

Patients would be forced to appeal to a distant state or a federal agency when they have coverage issues.