As they prepare for their primetime match-up against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday Night Football, the Eagles continue to ride high on most NFL power rankings lists.

Following their Week 1 win over the Washington Redskins, nearly every major news outlet ranked the Eagles among the top five teams in the NFL, praising the return of wide receiver DeSean Jackson and hailing a strong performance by quarterback Carson Wentz.

Even FS1 host and noted Philadelphia troll Colin Cowherd is high on the Birds. On Monday’s The Herd, Cowherd said the Eagles are the third-best in the league thanks to the “magic” play of Wentz and the deep threat Jackson presents (though we won’t remind Cowherd how high he was on Chip Kelly, who was responsible for cutting the speedy wide receiver).

“You just can’t guard him deep,” Cowherd said of Jackson. “He’s been in the league forever and he’s still one of the fastest guys.”

“I’m impressed by a team that can come back from a 17-point deficit. I think that shows a lot of character,” Cowherd added.

But there’s one noticeable outlier when it comes to ranking the Eagles.

USA Today dropped the Birds from No. 4 all the way down to No. 10, but didn’t really explain the move, other than calling the likely season-ending injury suffered by defensive lineman Malik Jackson “a tough setback.” Nate Davis, who writes USA Today’s power rankings, did not respond to a request for comment.

Here’s how national outlets ranked the Eagles:

ESPN (Eagles ranked No. 5 | Last week’s rank: 5)

“[Miles Sanders’] stat line (11 carries, 25 yards) doesn’t tell the whole story. Sanders saw a touchdown run called back because of a holding penalty and broke off a 19-yarder that showed off the burst and wiggle that coaches and teammates have been talking up all summer. He’s sharing a backfield with Jordan Howard, Darren Sproles and Corey Clement, and snap distribution will change from week to week, but look for Sanders to be featured more and more as the season goes along.” (Eagles ranked No. 5 | Last week’s rank: 5)

“I imagine there was a wave of sweet nostalgia washing over Philly fans as they watched DeSean Jackson blow the top off an opposing defense in an Eagles uniform again. Now 32, DJax is a decade removed from his NFL debut with the Eagles under Andy Reid, but he looked like pretty much exactly the same guy against the Redskins on Sunday. Carson Wentz greatly benefits from Jackson’s playmaking presence, and the wideout adds a dimension to the offense that already has proven playmakers in Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery. Speaking of sweet Iggles nostalgia, Wentz looked a lot like the guy who tore the NFL apart in 2017 once Philly’s offense shook off the rust in the second half. Wentz is a legit MVP candidate and the Eagles are primed for a fierce battle with the Cowboys for the NFC East crown.”

NBC Sports (Eagles ranked No. 3 | Last week’s rank: 3)

“DeSean Jackson‘s return underscores just how stupid it was to get rid of him.”

Bleacher Report (Eagles ranked No. 5 | Last week’s rank: 5)

“Veteran journeyman Case Keenum and a Washington receiving corps that’s among the worst in the NFL roasted the Eagles’ young secondary for 380 passing yards. For the Eagles to be taken seriously as a threat to teams like the Rams and Saints in the NFC, they’ll need to vastly improve their pass defense.”

Washington Post (Eagles ranked No. 5 | Last week’s rank: 5)

“The early struggles against the Redskins were a bit baffling, but the Eagles managed to turn things around. The big plays to wide receiver DeSean Jackson were exactly what was envisioned when the Eagles decided to bring him back.”

Yahoo! Sports (Eagles ranked No. 5 | Last week’s rank: 5)

“I’m willing to excuse the slow start to not playing anyone in the preseason. It was scary, but by the end Carson Wentz had 313 yards and three touchdowns and the Eagles got a win. They’re fine.”

USA Today (Eagles ranked No. 10 | Last week’s rank: 4)

“Took a half to knock rust off, but then QB Carson Wentz showed form everyone expects. Foot injury to DT Malik Jackson a tough setback.”

Sports Illustrated (Eagles ranked No. 5 | Last week’s rank: 5)

“For one game, at least, it’s like DeSean Jackson never left—eight catches for 154 yards and two long TDs. Carson Wentz has a deep threat.”