Dan Orlovsky celebrated Festivus by calling out his ESPN colleagues.

Orlovsky, the former backup quarterback turned NFL analyst, has been among ESPN’s most outspoken defenders of the Eagles and Carson Wentz. So following the Eagles’ huge win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Orlovsky appeared on Get Up! for an airing of grievances aimed at his Birds-doubting colleagues.

Among the ESPNers Orlovsky called out for their bad Eagles takes were former Colts punter and Pennsylvania native Pat McAfee, ESPN Radio host Will Cain, former Cowboys defender Marcus Spears, and former Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

“Emmanuel, stick to the linebackers, because your quarterback analysis of Carson Wentz — it stinks,” Orlovsky said.


Orlovsky wasn’t finished. The former Giants quarterback joined First Take to call out another doubter of Wentz — co-host Max Kellerman — who said last week Wentz didn’t deserve praise for the team’s turn-around in December (and was booed in Philly during Friday’s live taping at Chickie’s and Pete’s as a result).

Kellerman stuck to his guns, once again claiming Wentz didn’t deserve credit for the win, a nonsensical statement considering the young quarterback’s performance in recent weeks, despite being surrounded by a roster decimated by injury. Over the past three games, Wentz has completed more than 71 percent of his passes, thrown six touchdowns and zero interceptions, and has averaged a 105 passer rating.

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“He has taken the prevailing narrative about his four seasons with the Eagles — that he’s not quite clutch enough, at least compared to Nick Foles — and wadded it up into a ball and chucked it into the trash can,” my colleague Mike Sielski wrote.

Orlovsky pounded on Kellerman’s lazy attempt to remain a Wentz troll.

“For you to sit there and go the kid doesn’t [deserve] credit when in the last month he’s played better football than any quarterback in the league outside of Lamar Jackson, is absolutely ludicrous,” Orlovsky said.

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Aside from his defense of the Eagles, this season Orlovsky has been breaking down game film in a way that offers insightful analysis without getting caught up in the confusing nomenclature of the NFL. Hired by ESPN in 2018, Orlovsky has quickly risen through the ranks to become a regular on shows like Get Up! and First Take, and was named this year’s “fastest riser” in Sports Illustrated’s annual list of sports media awards.