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Where Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie ‘Hustle’ was filmed in Philly

We mapped out the places where Adam Sandler and crew filmed "Hustle" in Philadelphia.

People gathered to get a close look at Adam Sandler while filming his new movie'Hustle" on 18th and Arch St. in Philadelphia. Pa. Monday, September 20, 2021.
People gathered to get a close look at Adam Sandler while filming his new movie'Hustle" on 18th and Arch St. in Philadelphia. Pa. Monday, September 20, 2021.Read moreJOSE F. MORENO / Staff Photographer

When Adam Sandler came to town to film Netflix basketball drama Hustle in fall 2020, we knew Philadelphia would play a big part in the movie.

We were not disappointed.

Now available to stream, Hustle stars Sandler as Stanley Sugerman, a road-weary scout for the 76ers who misses his wife, Teresa (Queen Latifah), and daughter, Alex (Jordan Hull). On a scouting trip in Spain, he discovers Bo Cruz (Utah Jazz forward Juancho Hernangómez), a talented, rough-around-the-edges street baller with a troubled past who Stan thinks could be his way into an assistant coaching position.

The movie, directed by Philly native Jeremiah Zagar (son of artist Isaiah Zagar), is filled with local spots, NBA icons, and references. We first got a taste in February, when Netflix released a teaser Then, in May, we got an even closer look with Hustle’s official trailer.

Seeing the full film, it’s clear that Hustle is a very Philly movie. In fact, we counted more than 30 filming locations in the Philadelphia region that made the final cut — so many, and so widespread, that we couldn’t fit them all on one map.

Of course, that may have been obvious during filming. Crews were spotted all over Philly, from Center City to Manayunk and back to South Philly. They even made their way to locations like Coatesville and Camden, and the production held tryouts for extras at the 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington.

Hustle isn’t just very Philly — it’s actually, you know, good, with critics generally agreeing that while its premise — a scrappy underdog makes good on his quest to sports stardom (Rocky, anyone?) — is somewhat predictable, it’s still an emotionally engaging, polished flick.

But we’re more interested in how well it reps Philly.

So, here, we’ve rounded up every filming location we could identify in the movie, which are mapped out and listed below. Click around on the map to find out what spots show up in the film, and why the movie takes us there (be forewarned: It is a little spoiler-y).

Did we miss a location you spotted? Let us know.

On the map

Off the map

Like we said, some locations wouldn’t fit on the map, but are nonetheless important to the story. Those are:

Wells Fargo Center

Seeing as Hustle is a Sixers-focused flick, the team’s home arena appears often — and not just the court. We also get to see executive offices, meeting rooms, and even Stan’s tiny broom closet of an office once he gets a promotion.

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Esposito’s Meats

South Philly’s iconic Italian Market hosts Stan and Teresa on a date, showing them walking by the area of Ninth and Carpenter, and through the sidewalk in front of butcher shop staple Esposito’s Meats. In the distance, you can see the sign for Grassia’s Italian Market Spice Co.

Cresson Street and Green Lane

Stan kicks off Bo’s training with the lofty goal of running up this steep hill in one minute and 45 seconds — faster than the average pro cyclist can ride up it, as Stan says. In the background, you can see St. David’s Episcopal Church.

DuPont and Silverwood Streets

Think of this stair set like Hustle’s version of Rocky’s Art Museum steps. Once Bo beats Stan’s 1:45 time for the Green Lane hill, he runs up them triumphantly, he even does his own Rocky impression with a little shadow boxing.

Manayunk Bridge trail

Like the Schuylkill River Trail, the Manayunk Bridge trail is another frequent location during Bo’s intense training montage.

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76ers practice facility

We leave Philadelphia for a Camden-shot scene featuring the Sixers’ practice facility. Unfortunately, it is here that Stan learns he must go back on the road as a scout after a recent pick doesn’t work out — but it does lead to him meeting Bo.

Manor College

Here, Bo plays a quick game to show off his talents to the NBA, but does poorly after his rival, Kermit Wilts (played by the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Anthony Edwards), gets in his head. After the game, Stan gives Bo an inspirational speech — and quits his job with the Sixers.

Coatesville Area Senior High School

This school’s gym is done up to look like a Philly gym that is home to the fictional Passyunk Cougars, and serves as the training ground for Bo to develop his technical skill on the court. Stan also launches Spanish insults at him here to toughen up his mental game.

La Salle University

Bo ultimately squeaks his way into the NBA Draft Combine, which is taking place in New York in the movie – but the court where they’re really playing is the Tom Gola Arena at La Salle University in Northwest Philly.

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The full list

  1. Wells Fargo Center

  2. 12th and Washington Streets

  3. Broad and Dickinson Streets

  4. Old Pine Street Church Graveyard

  5. Butcher and Singer

  6. 76ers Practice Facility

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  1. Garage Fishtown

  2. “76ers: Beyond the Court” mural at Broad and Federal Streets

  3. Wilt Chamberlain mural at 13th and Vine Streets

  4. “Dr. J” mural at 1226 Ridge Ave.

  5. Pat’s Steaks

  6. The Italian Market

  7. Fante’s Kitchen Shop

  8. Loews Philadelphia Hotel

  9. “Tree of Life” mural

  10. Manor College

  11. Cresson Street and Green Lane

  12. Coatesville Area Senior High School

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  1. Stair set at DuPont and Silverwood Streets

  2. Schuylkill River Trail

  3. Manayunk Bridge trail

  4. Academy at Palumbo

  5. Capitolo Playground

  6. 10th and Washington Streets

  7. Melrose Diner

  8. Smith Playground

  9. La Salle University

  10. Girard College

  11. Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

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Correction: A previous version of this story included a location seen in the movie, but where filming did not take place on site.