After officially selling out to Maryland’s Baltimore Ravens, Wawa’s Wally Goose has spoken — trying to make nice with fans of both the Ravens and the Eagles.

When Wawa announced that the Delaware County-based convenience store had entered a multi-year deal to become the “official hoagie” of the Ravens, some Philadelphians were up in arms. Why was the Philly-area favorite crossing us? Could we still enjoy their hoagies when they were flagrantly cheating on the Eagles?

Well, one thing’s for sure — Wawa is not backing down. But the chain is trying to make amends. Their mascot, Wally Goose, issued an official statement via Twitter attempting to placate both sides.

“And while we know passion for football runs deep in both cities, trust me when I say we didn’t intend to ruffle any feathers!” the goose wrote.

Wally says the partnership is in celebration of Wawa’s 50th anniversary in Maryland.

But in 2015, Wawa became the “official hoagie" of the Eagles as well.

“To Philly,” Wally wrote. “You know we will always love the Philadelphia Eagles. We are a proud partner and the Official Hoagie of the Eagles, and we are deeply committed to our hometown with exciting new stores and partnerships.”

Apparently, Philly’s Wawa’s Hoagie Day — an annual July holiday — means nothing.

Wally ended the letter voicing support for both teams like the sell-out he has become.

“From Charm City to the City of Brotherly Love, we hope we can fly in friendly formation together in the future. We’ve always believed the best way to grow our flock is with new people and partnerships that strengthen our communities,” the statement said.

To make matters worse, Wally enclosed pictures of himself with the Eagles’ mascot, Swoop, and the Ravens’ mascot, Poe.

It’s like he doesn’t even know us anymore.

He tried to reassure Eagles fans by saying Wawa won’t be partnering with teams in Pittsburgh or Dallas any time soon. Some consolation.