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40 chick-hatching eggs hidden by wine glasses intercepted in Philly

The eggs, sent from the Netherlands, were destroyed because avian commodities are prohibited from being imported from foreign countries without a permit.

Trump quietly meets with Dayton, El Paso shooting survivors

The president and first lady visited two cities in mourning following weekend mass shootings. But some wanted him to stay away.

Leader of Philly's largest animal shelter resigns after less than a year

Susan Russell stepped down from her post at the shelter that has had its fair share of challenges.

PSPCA and Jen Utley launch Barn Animal Fund to help rescued horses, pigs, and chickens

Barn animals "take a different amount of care, and that care takes a different amount of money, and a different type of space,” Utley said.

Ex-police officer who tried to save man at Atlantic City beach recounts rescue effort

"I knew there were no lifeguards on duty and I started to worry I wouldn’t even make it back."

Father dies after trying to rescue son from ocean in Atlantic City

The 11-year-old boy made it to the shoreline.

30th Street Station’s old Amtrak Solari board is on display again

You can catch the flipboard, which was taken down from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station in January, in Lancaster County.

Wawa attempts to appease both the Ravens and Eagles in ‘official hoagie’ controversy

Wawa prompted a Philly controversy when it joined hands with the Baltimore Ravens to become the team's "official hoagie." Now, Wally Goose is trying to make amends.

Factor in Puerto Rico turmoil: Arrest of Penn grad and Delco native

Julia Keleher was arrested following her resignation as Puerto Rico's education secretary, contributing to the turmoil on the island.

Mueller says Trump could face charges in the future, Pa. Republican calls Mueller's actions 'un-American'

Under grilling from lawmakers, Mueller stressed that his investigation into Russian interference was "not a witchhunt.”