We cool down considerably from the weekend’s record-setting 90-plus-degree heat with temperatures reaching only the upper 70s today alongside clouds.

Since publication of the article about this brave mother who fled her native Ukraine and landed here in Philly with her three children, the outpouring of support from Philadelphians hasn’t quit.

And, with rising COVID-19 cases, Philly schools have made a return to masks starting today.

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Philly showers this Ukrainian mom with support … and a ham

Earlier this month, we told you the story of Veronika Pavliutina👆🏽, a Ukrainian refugee who fled her homeland alongside her three children and ended up in the home of a Mount Airy couple.

It’s been quite the month for Pavliutina, who received the care she and her kids needed from Philly. But it’s become the gift that keeps on giving, as people from all over the area have been coming to her aid with gifts, services and a GoFundMe page that has generated more than $20,000.

And it’s not just the money, but the careful planning from others to ensure that Pavliutina can stand on her own.

🇺🇦 A Flourtown day camp offered free, all-day summer camp for the children, Polina, 14, Nina, 11, and Yegor, 8.

🇺🇦 Landlords reached out to talk about renting her an apartment — heretofore impossible, given Pavliutina’s lack of credit score and work history in this country.

🇺🇦 And a business-support firm will give free accounting and bookkeeping services once Pavliutina restarts her cooking studio, the culinary-arts business she ran in Ukraine.

Our reporter Jeff Gammage has more on the love and overpouring of support that has this family in “shock” that so many people are ready and willing to help.

Also, our journalists Devi Lockwood and Astrid Rodrigues spoke to a few Philadelphians with ties to both Ukraine and Russia to discuss the ongoing war. It’s a video certainly worth your time today.

What you should know today

Students, please take your seats and put your masks back on

You heard correctly. Philadelphia schools will once again require all students and staff to wear a mask. It’s a decision that Philly schools Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. said was an effort to safeguard schools and those on school buses.

🍎 What Hite said: “As we’ve learned since the pandemic began, the coronavirus continues to evolve and so, too, will our response to it.”

🍎 What some teachers are saying: “Never took mine off and neither did most of my students,” said Charlie McGeehan, a teacher at the Academy at Palumbo. ”I think it’s the right move.”

🍎 On the flip side: Here’s what another district educator said, on Twitter: “No air in most buildings, windows that open 6-8 inches at best. 90-degree weather coming. Can’t wait.”

It’s a decision that comes as a handful of other suburban districts, including Cheltenham and Upper Dublin, are also requiring students to mask after months of mask-optional classes with just days left in the school year.

Our reporter Kristen A. Graham has more on the district’s efforts and the reactions to returning to masks as COVID-19 cases climb.

🧠 Philly Trivia Time 🧠

Main Line Health has grand plans for the St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, the multi-acre compound on the edge of city limits. With health offices, residences, and a promenade, it would be a massive change from what the institution, which began in 1832, brought to Lower Merion. Today’s question: What year did the seminary move to City Avenue? Take a guess and find the answer here.

a. 1850

b. 1865

c. 1871

d. 1888

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