Jeopardy!’s “Greatest of All Time” tournament has not been kind to Brad Rutter.

The Lancaster, Pa. native has finished a distant third during the first three night’s of the show’s massively-popular primetime tournament, which also features former Jeopardy! champs Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer. On Wednesday night, Rutter did so poorly he wasn’t even able to participate in “Final Jeopardy,” and on Thursday he was so far behind he chose to answer Alex Trebek’s clue with a shout-out to the Eagles rather than actually offer an answer.

It’s a surprising turn of events, considering Rutter was undefeated among humans (he did lose to IBM’s supercomputer, Watson) heading into the competition. He’s actually defeated Jennings twice — in 2005′s Ultimate Tournament of Champions and 2014′s Battle of the Decades.

Not surprisingly, Rutter’s struggling performance has created an opportunity for some friendly trashing talking from Holzhauer, a professional gambler known for taunting his competitors.

Don’t feel too badly for Rutter. Even if he doesn’t manage a 1992 Buffalo Bills-like comeback in this tournament, he’ll still walk away with $250,000 for his troubles. Not a bad consolidation prize, considering he’s already pocketed $4.7 million since his first appearance on the show back in 2000.

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