To think there was a time not so long ago when Eagles fans wanted to trade for Jadeveon Clowney.

Of course, Clowney has now entered the pantheon of Philly sports villains with his questionable helmet-to-helmet hit on Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz during their playoff loss to the Seahawks on Sunday. Any benefit of the doubt given to Clowney was easily erased following the game, when he bashed Eagles fans while the Seahawks celebrated in the visitor’s locker room at the Linc.

“Worst fans in the world,” Clowney said. “They hated me coming out [of the tunnel], they hated me going in … I don’t know why. I’m just like, trying to be friends. I’m a friendly guy.”

As Dr. Evil would say, “Rrrrrriiiiiiiiggggghhhhtttttt.” It just so happens last season, while he was with the Texans, Clowney also had a nasty hit on then-Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, which drew a roughing the passer penalty.

Even Eagles trolls like Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, and Jason Whitlock thought the hit was dirty. While Eagles fans will have to wait until next season to get revenge against Clowney (the Seahawks will once again travel to Philly to play the Birds in 2020), he’s certainly made it easier to root for the Packers Sunday night.

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