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Andy Reid on Eagles' win; Dawkins has his say

Some highlights from Andy Reid's postgame news conference after 30-27 victory over the Denver Broncos:

"[Center] Jamaal Jackson has a knee sprain. He'll have an MRI in the morning. The offensive line, when Jamaal went down, did a good job. It's hard to do when your center goes down. Nick \[Cole\] came in and did a great job."

About David Akers, who kicked winning field goal in final seconds: "It was a great job by David Akers. He's doing it at a Pro Bowl-level."

On Jeremy Maclin's late-game catch, which was ruled incomplete then overturned: "I was standing there, right next to it. You think you see both feet in. \[The official\] had a good view of it. It's a tough call. That's why we had replay. It all worked out."

On the Eagles taking too many penalties: "Don't like the penalties. Young guys are aggressive and trying to make a play. We got to take care of those."

On the Eagles fourth-quarter drive: "I wish it wasn't that way. I'm glad we're winning. Our guys have done that every way you can think of to do. I'm glad we're on the winning side of that."

On Brian Westbrook: "I thought he did a nice job. He had some quality downs. It worked out OK."


From Brian Dawkins' brief news conference after the game:

About why the Broncos lost: "Too many mistakes. Too many mistakes. We were doing things at the wrong time. Anytime you make mistakes against a good footabll team, you come up a little short. That's what we did today. We handed them a lot of things. Give them credit, but we opened up a lot of doors. We had way too many communications mistakes back there."