An Eagles spokesman reported he was under siege today, following last night's Howard Eskin report that the Eagles might consider Brett Favre as a backup to Michael Vick, once they trade Kevin Kolb, the guy currently wearing jersey No. 4.

In the NFL media world these day, "Favre" is the magic word. Say it aloud and havoc ensues. Not sure I completely understand that, but it's true, nonetheless.

My understanding is that Eskin meant only to throw this out as a possibility, that he didn't mean to unleash the apocalypse. But Howard has been around long enough to know what happens when you evoke He-who-must-not-be-named.

The ensuing frenzy wasn't helped a bit when Vick, no doubt just trying to be a standup guy, tweeted about how he would love to have Favre as his backup, that learning from Favre about picking apart defenses would be really neat.

I'm not quoting the tweet word for word because Vick apparently has taken it down; it no longer exists on his timeline. And a source close to the situation said there is no reason for Eagles fans to get into a lather about Favre. Very unlikely scenario.

If you squint, you can see how it might make sense for Andy Reid -- you need a veteran backup who knows your offense, and you once won a Super Bowl with the guy. But even though Reid has been happy to invite the circus to town in the past (Vick, two years ago), there are an awful lot of moving parts as the Eagles prepare to emerge from the lockout. This would be a ridiculous distraction at  a hectic time, for very little tangible benefit.

More important, why would Favre want to hold a clipboard in Philly? The money, under the tighter new cap, wouldn't be lavish. His ego is as legendary as his arm. The only way he comes out of retirement for this job is if he thinks he somehow ends up at the helm of a Super Bowl contender, and even that scenario assumes Favre has some interest in trying to play again. Vick doesn't need this. The Eagles don't need this.

Sign Marc Bulger, or Whitey Bulger. Let Favre farm in peace. Please.