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New Jersey
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Beer crawl on the Boardwalk? A.C. to vote on open container law

Atlantic City council will consider allowing adults to take one marked, open container of alcohol out to the Boardwalk.

Despite all the news about Atlantic City's do or die financial predicament, there's still a new idea every once and awhile that bubbles to the surface.

Taking your cup of beer from one bar to another on the Boardwalk, legally, is one of them. A.C. wants to bring the furtive Boardwalk pub crawl out in the open.

On Wednesday, City Council will consider adopting a trial period for a legal open container law that will permit anyone over the age of 21 to take one plastic container of alcohol, marked with the logo of the establishment that served them, onto the Boardwalk between Albany and Metropolitan.

The proposed change in the law would not permit someone to take the open container to any street or to the beach, except to a  beach bar. The container would have to have been purchased at a Boardwalk establishment and be in a plastic cup that bears the establishment's logo.

The ordinance says the change would be on a trial basis this summer, to facilitate pedestrian traffic from place to place along the Boardwalk. Your basic pub crawl, now legal.

Mayor Don Guardian said earlier this month he would be open to legalizing marijuana in the resort as well, but that was so far a tougher goal, legally. But he said relaxing some of the alcohol restrictions made sense and would encourage a festive atmosphere along the Boardwalk.