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New Jersey
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Lifeguard Boat Torched in O.C.

Is nothing sacred? Over the weekend, in the middle of the night (2.22 a.m. on Saturday), Ocean City police and fire were called to the Brighton Place beach and found a lifeguard boat on fire. They found two dudes hiding in the dunes, and a third suspect at a home nearby. They were arrested and charged with second degree arson and held on $1,000 cash bail, according to Sgt. Steven Ang of the Ocean City Police department. They had traveled a long way to do their idiotic brand of (alleged) mischief. They were identified as Brandon Pastell, 21, of Fredericksburg, Va., Timothy OGrady, 23, of Hershey, Pa., and Samuel W. Datta, 20, of Centreville, Va. The lifeguard boat, a fine example of the iconic wooden structures crafted by the Van Duyne family for decades, is valued at $9,000, but really, priceless. Come on, people.