ATLANTIC CITY — Ah Miss America, the Gods delivered. Or at least the devil, in the form of a red-clad Miss Puerto Rico, impersonating, in a red full body suit initially covered by a judicial robe, the proverbial snake in the garden turned presidential candidate for her talent on preliminaries.

Was she trolling Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton? The American electorate?

She did not win night 3 in talent in Boardwalk Hall — that went to the awesome Miss Michigan Arianna Quan on Piano, who was also in a way trolling the presidential candidates with her platform about immigration.

You might see Quan on Sunday during the televised pageant finals. But the pageant would be more likely to go back to Vegas, described as the dark era Thursday night, than advance Miss Puerto Rico Carole Rigual and her devilish monologue.

"You guys are so predictable!" the forensic psychologist with a degree from the University of Puerto Rico began, still in judicial black. "Yes, always pretending that you are happy. Successful. Thanking God for his blessings. (smooch). You try to be the best humans because those are the divine laws."

Then, the transformation, shedding the robe for a bodysuit and a chair (shades of Clint Eastwood)?

"You got me. I've existed for an eternity. I am the snake that gave Adam and Eve the forbidden fruit. I am a sea of evil. Did I get your attention?"

Then, with a wicked laugh, full on presidential candidate:

"Ladies and gentleman: what this country needs is a person like me with a desire to contribute to  a better society by electing us a new president.

"I guarantee that thiiings wiilll change. You humans are so easy to manipulate."

Then, with an arching back bend: "Do you know who I am now?"

Donald Trump? An easy conclusion maybe, with the buffoonish authoritarian character. But the deep throated voice also evoked Hillary Clinton, in a way. Then again, writer Lisa DePaulo, an uncommonly astute pageant observer, concluded: "I think she was channeling Melania."

Either way, Miss Puerto Rico can take her place alongside other monologues and talent that never make it to the main stage but make Miss America what Miss America was always meant to be.