Kanye West creatively debuted his latest single "New Slaves" last Friday night by projecting the music video on 66 buildings around the world.

As Pitchfork (via Consequnce of Sound) points out, Kanye just updated his website with several new locations. One of which being Philadelphia, where the projection will take place in three different locations. We listed them for you below as well as the video of his new song projected in Brooklyn.

UPDATE: According to a spokesman for The Franklin Institute, they have no knowledge of tonight's planned projections. Additionally, they said they do not want the projection on the side of The Franklin Insitute and The Barnes Foundation.

In related news, Mr. West will release a new album titled Yeezus on June 18th. So far, he's shared two songs "New Slaves" and "Black Skinhead". Check them out below.


Eastern State Pententiary  - 10:30pm-11:30pm

Franklin Institute - 9:45-10:45pm

The Barnes Foundation - 9-10pm