FSN Pittsburgh has suspended an employee, the son of a former Penguins player because of a goal-review incident last week against the Flyers at Mellon Arena, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Lowell MacDonald Jr., son of former Penguins player Lowell MacDonald and a member of FSN's telecast staff, was indefinitely suspended by the network. The controversy was a review of a play to determine if Simon Gagne scored a goal in the the second period of a Flyers' victory. FSN Pittsburgh had a replay that showed the puck crossing the goal line but the replay was not sent to the NHL review booth in Toronto. The replay was not aired on local television until after the review was concluded.

The Post-Gazette reported that in a statement, FSN Pittsburgh said, "There is nothing more important than the integrity of the game. During last Thursday's game against the Philadelphia Flyers, a definitive replay of a Flyers goal was not aired prior to the conclusion of the official review and, as a result, a Flyers goal was not awarded. Fortunately, this did not change the outcome of the game. Nonetheless, FSN Pittsburgh's failure to provide video to the league officials in a timely fashion was wholly unacceptable. FSN Pittsburgh has addressed this matter and has taken steps to ensure that such a failure does not occur again."

The Penguins also issued a statement: "We fully support FSN Pittsburgh in its reaction to this issue. The integrity of the game is paramount."