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Bulbs R In

Under the wire

This photo of a snow-covered fern was the scene last week. Suddenly, yesterday, it was spring again - 60 degrees, with a light rain falling. I'd been lamenting the fact that I still had a box of bulbs in the garage. Life has been way too hectic - and the air way too cold - lately. So yesterday's break in the action was a gift and yes, I was out there at 8 o'clock last night with my trusty trowel ripping open mesh bags of nut-like bulbs, trying to figure out which end was which before plopping them in the ground. The garden lights, so charming in summer, weren't much help. It'll be interesting to see what comes up. Really. I'd long ago forgotten what some of these bulbs are, how high they'll grow or what color they'll be. So there you have it: I did everything I advise against in print - you know, right plant, right place. I just tossed 'em in there. I got soaked and muddy from my Wellies to my hair, I probably did it all wrong, but the bulbs r in!